APD Officer, Randall County Deputy Recognized for Helping Stranded Young Couple

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Amarillo Law Enforcement Officers are getting recognized on social media for their good deed. 

Sergeant Chaz Williams with the Amarillo Police Department and Deputy Austin Davis with the Randall County Sheriff’s Office received praise on Facebook from Lex Rogers. 

Rogers, his wife, and 6-month-old son, passed through Amarillo Tuesday on their way from Arkansas to Phoenix. Sgt. Williams said the couple’s car broke down on Interstate-27. 

“I saw a car off to the side of the road and a guy waving, obviously needing a police officer to stop,” Sgt. Williams said. “The car, windows were down, very hot yesterday on the highway.”

The couple thought they were out of oil and asked Sgt. Williams to take them to Walmart where a family member was wiring them money, so they could buy more oil.

Instead, Sgt. Williams said he stopped at a nearby Dollar Store. He bought the oil and took the couple back to the car.

 “Filled it up and then the battery was dead,” Sgt. Williams said. “Most people wouldn’t have driven across town in this car, much less across the country.”

Sgt. Williams then called Randall County Deputy Austin Davis for a jump.

“That was all I needed was some cables,” Sgt. Williams said. “And he never left me, he stayed with us.”

“We finally got the vehicle started,” Deputy Davis said. “The motor was making a pretty bad knocking noise.”

After getting approval from both their administrations, the law enforcement officers decided there was more they could do for the couple. 

Sgt. Williams made a call to a friend at T Miller Wrecking. The tow company bought the car for scraps and gave the couple so much needed cash. 

“While they were handling that I went to a Dollar General and bought them some necessities for the baby and some food and water for the adults,” Deputy Davis said. 

Then the group headed to the local Greyhound station. Another police officer’s church, Amarillo First Family Church, offered to buy one of the bus tickets back to Phoenix.

“I’m going to do my best to make it as fair as possible,” Greyhound Clerk Elizabeth Tomlinson said. “Especially after finding out it the Officer was paying for it.” 

Sgt. Williams pulled out his credit card and paid $177 for the other ticket.

Then, after 16 years in law enforcement, Sgt. Williams did something he has never done before. 

“Never done this before but took them home,” Sgt. Williams said. “Cooked them dinner and let them shower, wash some of their clothes and took them to the bus station around 2:30 this morning.”

When they got to the bus stop, Tomlinson had a gift waiting for them. 

“I ended up getting baby food, formula and cereal,” Tomlinson said. “Items that were necessary for the baby to survive.” 

Tomlinson said other passengers on the bus heard the couples story and also stepped in to help.

“That one passenger just happened to hear bits and pieces of their story,” Tomlinson said. “He said ‘Oh I have snacks if they want some of my snacks.’ And then it was about five minutes after that that I was standing there talking to the couple and he actually came over and handed them $50 and just walked off.”

The couple thanked everyone who had been a part of their journey. 

“It wasn’t called for,” Sgt. Williams said. “They didn’t need to do that. I appreciate that they were appreciative. They thanked me more than they could of thanked me. You could tell they were gracious.”

“Everyone gets down on their luck every once in awhile,” Deputy Davis said. “It’s nice to be able to help out.”

The couple then took to Facebook and shared their story on the True Support for the Badge page. Their post has gotten more than 320 likes and 330 shares.  

We spoke with Lex Rogers late Wednesday night. He, his wife, Shayna, and baby Ryder made it to Phoenix around 10:00 Wednesday night. 

He got choked up while talking about all the things these people did for his family. He said he would not rest until everyone knew what these people had done for them. 

(Story from myhighplains.com)

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