SAN ANGELO, Texas — A San Angelo resident thought her security camera footage might depict paranormal activity. An expert investigated the footage to determine whether ghosts were indeed walking the streets of San Angelo.

The footage in question, pulled from a security camera in the Santa Rita neighborhood, shows what looks like a ghostly figure walking briskly across the frame sometime after dark.

“Before this footage, I have never witnessed paranormal activity and as of right now, this is the only paranormal activity I’ve witnessed in the area,” said homeowner Ariel Lopez.

Lopez said she has always had some belief in the paranormal but it took seeing the footage herself to truly believe there is a spiritual realm. When she saw the footage for the first time, Lopez said she was in denial.

“Watching it over and over, dissecting each second trying to explain the unexplainable, I was sold that this entity was not or could not be a person,” she said.

In order to further dissect the footage, we took it to an expert in film — a videography professor at Angelo State University and the Director of Ram TV — Dr. Donald Plachno, who said he is always skeptical and tried to look at the science behind everything.

Dr. Plachnos’s initial reaction? The footage was not real.

“There’s a lot of factors,” said Plachno. “One, you’ve got a lot of compression going on when you are dealing with security cameras and that can cause a lot of distortion on the videos. The infrared that is usually used at night can also streak, so that can explain the floaty, wispy things that you’re getting.”

Plachno also pointed out that the ghostly figure was walking just outside the range of light.

“I would never ever say there are no such things as ghosts; as soon as you do, you’re proven wrong,” said Plachno.

His advice to other skeptics is to never believe anything at first sight but to investigate it further.

“I want to believe, and the truth is out there,” said Plachno. “We will see what happens.”