In the face of the unimaginable horror that was the Walmart massacre of August 3, 2019, one local artist was inspired and determined that each of the victims would be remembered and honored.

Artist Tino Ortega created these murals because he wanted to help the community after the tragic events of August 3.

Ortega’s uplifting way to honor the victims incorporates balloon murals, painted over the last three years at various locations across town.

Eleven murals are complete, but Ortega’s goal is to have twenty three, one for each of the victims and he wants them all across the Borderland.

“They weren’t just from El Paso, they were from Juarez and so to me when they perished the whole community came together so to me it just makes sense to spread out these murals throughout  the entire community.”

In addition to his healing work here, Ortega will be going to Uvalde to work alongside other El Paso artists to help their community process and heal after their tragedy.

“I feel like if I can do anything to help with that coping mechanism as a city coping I am more than willing to donate my time and services for that.”

You can help fund some of these projects by reaching out to Ortega on Facebook @Tino Ortega or by Instagram @ortegtino