BOSQUE COUNTY, Texas (FOX 44) – This past weekend was an extremely busy time for Bosque County law enforcement and a hazardous time for residents due to the recent heavy rains and flooding.

Sheriff Trace Hendricks says emergency responders conducted more than five swift water rescues, and also evacuated a number of homes which were affected. There was property loss reported – with homes flooding and some vehicles being washed off of roadways.

Despite all this, Sheriff Hendricks says that fortunately no major injuries or deaths were reported.

The Bosque River and creeks were all flowing out of banks. Residents who live in a low-lying area which might be subject to flooding were urged to take precautionary measures or to evacuate. Sheriff Hendricks also said that livestock should be moved to higher ground.

Local businesses and individuals stepped up to offer help to anyone in need – in addition to area volunteer fire departments, EMS, police departments, Sheriff’s deputies, game wardens and water rescue teams. Thanks to these efforts, there was shelter and food for anyone displaced and for emergency responders.

Clifton Police said last week that the recent rainfall led to the closure of the City Park, and that Riverside Drive was closed off. Both areas were again closed to the public last weekend due to continued heavy rainfall.

(Coutesy: Clifton Police)

Clifton Police announced on Sunday that this week’s flood makes it to #5 on its all-time list. It was reported the Bosque River rose about 20 feet in an hour, making it almost impossible for anybody to know there was water in the roadway. Police say the City received around four to five inches since last Monday. Around ten to twelve inches was received in some areas north of town.

As of Monday morning, Riverside Drive is still closed at County Road 3112 back to Highway 6 due to a large build up of silt and mud. It is still very slick to drive on. City crews will try to clean things up when the rain stays stopped long enough.