GRAPELAND, Texas (KETK) — A dog was found frozen to death and eight other animals were found left out in the bitter cold by their owners late Sunday night in Grapeland.

Local police responded to a home after a tip came in about possible animal cruelty. When they arrived, they found four horses, four living dogs, and one dog that had already died.

The dead dog was found locked in a wire cage in the backyard. The four living dogs were found chained outside, covered in ice without shelter. Officers took the dogs to a local veterinary clinic for treatment.

Two of the horses were tied in the yard by leads that were around four feet in length. The other two were located in a small pen nearby. All the horses were also removed from the property.

In a statement released early Monday morning, Grapeland police did not give an address where the home was located. Animal cruelty charges are being filed against the owner.

Investigators also said that due to the weather, all animals should be placed indoors for the entire week.

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