FREESTONE COUNTY, Texas (FOX 44) – A fake FBI agent was arrested and failed an escape from jail two days later.

A Freestone County Sheriff’s Deputy arrested a man impersonating a public servant on March 25. The man was claiming to be an FBI Agent from New Orleans and was found to be in possession of several identifying forms of information belonging to other people. The man was found to be driving a vehicle where the vehicle information was not matching the VIN number.

The information gathered at the time of the man’s arrest was followed up on with Limestone County, and they are furthering their investigation into possible criminal charges within their jurisdiction. The man was transported and booked into the Freestone County Sheriff’s Office Jail Facility without incident.

However, on March 27, the man was brought out to the visitation room for a visit. During this time, he attempted and failed to escape the facility.

The man has now been charged with his attempted escape – which is an added felony – to go along with the two other felonies he already had.