LEA COUNTY, N.M. — The Lea County Drug Taskforce announced on Wednesday two brothers were arrested for crimes involving drug trafficking, robbery, burglary and aggravated assault.

The LCDTF said it had been searching for Jose Alfredo Brito, 28, and Ceasar Antonio Huerta, 25, since late September. Authorities learned Huerta was living in San Antonio and passed the information to the US Marshals. Huerta was arrested at his apartment.

Huerta had outstanding warrants for Aggravated Assault with a Deadly Weapon, Aggravated Burglary, Robbery and Probation Violation out of New Mexico.

Huerta was found with an AR-style pistol and 36.5 grams of cocaine, which led to additional charges of felony possession of a Firearm and Possession of a Controlled Substance.

Brito was arrested on Sunday by the LCDTF and US Marshals at a home in the 300 block of West Byers in Hobbs. At the time of his arrest, Brito was found with four pistols, over 100 Fentanyl pills and psilocybin (mushrooms).

Brito had outstanding warrants for False Imprisonment, Aggravated Burglary, Robbery and a Probation Violation.