FORT WORTH, Texas — A group of people stoned a shooter to death with concrete landscaping bricks early Monday morning, Fort Worth Police said. Officers responded to a shooting in the 5600 block of Shiloh Drive and found “multiple” gunshot victims.

Police were told there was a gathering in the backyard of a home. Someone got upset, left and then returned. After an argument, the same attendee who left and returned then “shot at least one person” police said.

Other people at the party started chasing the shooter.

“The shooter turned and fired at other people,” police said. “A group picked up concrete landscaping bricks and started ‘throwing them’ at the shooter.”

Police said, at some point, the shooter was caught by the group and either fell or was taken down to the ground. But the shooter continued to shoot.

One shooting victim was pronounced dead on the scene. Another shooting victim was hospitalized with non-life-threatening injuries. Police said the shooter, who was hit with the landscaping bricks, was pronounced dead on the scene.

Names were not yet released.