HEWITT, Texas – Police arrested a wanted subject Thursday evening at the Hewitt Christmas Tree Lighting ceremony. Police identified him as The Grinch, age not listed, of Whoville.

“Officers confirmed the warrant out of Rosebud, Tx and took The Grinch into custody without incident,” police said.

Mathew G. Wright, Magistrate and Presiding Judge for the City of Rosebud, issued a warrant on November 22 for the arrest of Mr. Grinch. The warrant said Grinch was charged with “conspiracy against Christmas spirit.”

The warrant said the crime was attested under oath by Blue Santa. Blue Santa is law enforcement program to provide Christmas gifts to children in need.

Grinch was described as 4-foot 5-inches tall and 145 pounds with green hair and yellow eyes. He was also described in the warrant as having only three fingers, and crooked teeth.

Gotta be honest, EverythingLubbock.com readers, the video depicted a Grinch who was 6-foot tall. It could be a case of mistaken Grinch identity. Is Christmas still in danger? We’ll keep our eyes out for updates.