NEW MEXICO (KRQE) – Alexis Avila, the teen accused of throwing her newborn in a dumpster in Hobbs, will face a trial as early as December. The state and Avila’s attorney have a tentative start date of December 19.

In January, she was caught on camera throwing her newborn baby boy in a dumpster during freezing temperatures.

The baby was left in the freezing cold for at least six hours before being found by people looking through the dumpster. The baby survived the ordeal and is now in the care of the father, who says he was unaware that Avila was pregnant.

Tuesday, both sides met in front of a judge. The state said they are ready for trial on December 19. Avila’s attorney said it’s doubtful they would have to delay, but they have a few more weeks to file an extension if needed.