HOUSTON– Meghan Perino is an Uber driver with a goal: to make every Uber ride memorable.

She’s been driving for Uber for four years. Every month Perino honors a different holiday by decorating her entire car.

She said each light and ornament was hand-picked in the hopes of bringing just a little joy to each passenger. 

“I was having a long hard day at work, I was kind of tired and a little stressed out and you know I get in here and its all festive. It just makes you feel good brightens up your day,” a passenger named John said.

Perino said reactions like Johns are common. She said people are more simple than we think, and that happiness can come from even the smallest details.

“When they see me pull up and they see all the lights through the windows they’re like what is that and they’re trying to see and then they get in and they’re like ‘oh my god,'” Perino said.

She also has notes that say “grab some candy” and “let me know how I can help you.”

Perino said the notes led to people becoming emotional and saying “I need someone to talk to, will you listen?”

It makes you feel better that you’re doing something to help, make them feel better it’s not just for me and what I want it makes them feel better and it makes me happy to see them happy.

Meghan Perino, UBER Driver

Meghan said she drove for Uber through the pandemic, and she’ll keep driving for years to come.

(Gianella Ghiglino and KIAH and contributed to this report.)