EL PASO, Texas (KTSM) – KTSM obtained three audio recordings along with transcripts translated into English of conversations between the Hoffmann family and Roger Rodriguez, municipal judge in Village of Vinton, who, according to court filing by Hoffmann’s attorney, presented himself as District Attorney Yvonne Rosales’s representative.

As reported on Thursday, attorney Justin Underwood, representing the Hoffmanns, family of a Walmart shooting victim Alexander Hoffmann, submitted a court filing that alleges D.A.’s office was behind mysterious emails signed by the Hoffmann family. 

These emails were sent early August, after Judge Sam Medrano put in a gag order on the Walmart case, which means no one involved in the case was allowed to publicly speak of it. 

The document alleges Roger Rodriguez, who introduced himself as representative of D.A. Rosales, intimidated the Hoffmanns. 

In the first recording taken by Rosa Maria Valdez Garcia, widow of Alexander Hoffmann, and Thomas Hoffmann, Hoffmann’s son, on August 13 you can hear their conversation with Rodriguez. 

According to the transcript, the conversation starts with Thomas Hoffmann saying, “mom was saying that she does not want that letter to be released, Alex’s letter,” referring to the email that was sent to local media on August 4th, and signed under Alexander Hoffmann’s name, the other son of Rosa Valdez and the late Alexander Hoffmann. 

Rodriguez goes on to say “friends from here, from El Paso, have been working extra hard to neutralize this judge, very hard. That judge is corrupt. He is corrupt, racist, because there is such a thing as a Hispanic thug who can be racist toward good people from Mexico, right?,” based on the English transcript of the conversation.

Rodriguez referring to judge Sam Medrano, who was the subject of the D.A. office’s motion to be removed from the Walmart case, however that recusal motion was denied after a hearing held in September. 

Recording of conversation between Roger Rodriguez, Rosa Maria Valdez Garcia and Thomas Hoffmann from August 13.

The second recording is of the conversation between Rodriguez, his wife Anne Rodriguez, Rosa Valdez, and her sons Thomas Hoffmann and Alexander Hoffmann.

According to the English transcript, Rodriguez makes a mention of Robert Moore, journalist and founder of news outlet El Paso Matters, who was previously mentioned in D.A. Rosales’s Notice of Potential Conflict was submitted after local attorney Omar Carmona filed a petition to have her removed from office. 

The court filing submitted in early September read “it was recently discovered that this conspiracy involved Robert ‘Bob’ Moore through El Paso Matters organization along with attorneys Justin Underwood and Omar Carmona. The above-named individuals routinely appear in attack stories against DA Rosales. These stories include information unlawfully obtained through the inappropriate use of the Texas Public Information Act.”

According to the transcript Rodriguez said “he [Moore] is quietly digging, observing, but he’s real lost. He is looking for information, but he has not been right nor will he be right. Because here we have some faith that he does not.”

Rodriguez went on to explain to the Hoffmann’s why they should not return D.A.’s calls when judge Medrano set a status hearing to determine who was behind the emails sent in August.

Part of English transcript of conversation between Roger Rodriguez and the Hoffmann’s
Second recording of conversation between Roger Rodriguez, Anne Rodriguez, Rosa Maria Valdez Garcia, Thomas Hoffmann and Alexander Hoffmann.

Third audio recording with the English transcript follows the conversation of Roger Rodriguez, Rosa Valdez and Thomas Hoffmann dated to September 12.

In almost a 40-minute-long conversation Thomas Hoffmann and Rosa Valdez express their concerns with the D.A.’s office, mentioning the hundreds of cases that were dismissed in pre-indictment stage after D.A.’s office failed to indict on time.

As stated in the transcript, Hoffmann also asks Rodriguez why Rosales refuses to speak to the media, to which Rodriguez responded “she has done it, but she’s got… remember she’s got the media against her right now.”

KTSM has requested to speak to D.A. Rosales directly on numerous occasions regarding various topics since this summer and have yet to receive an interview.

Recording of a conversation between Roger Rodriguez, Thomas Hoffmann and Rosa Valdez

(Information from KTSM.com)