Meridian Assistant Fire Chief fighting for his life

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MERIDIAN, Texas- Meridian Assistant Fire Chief Michael Walker is in an induced coma fighting for his life after contracting COVID-19 and Pneumonia.

Walkers wife Rachel who is also a Meridian firefighter told FOX 44 she was getting ready for surgery herself when her husband Michael was immediately rushed to the emergency room.

“A disc slipped off to the nerve in my neck and I was having a reaction to the medicine, so he was having to literally feed me, take me to the bathroom,” Rachel said.

Walker was by her side leading up to the day of surgery until she says he began acting strange.

“Everything didn’t just get weird until he passed out at the end of the bed, and just wasn’t acting right. Looking back on it now, it probably was a lack of oxygen.”

The way he was there for her, she couldn’t do the same in the moment because she was heading to surgery while he was going to the ER.

The doctors say Walker had two different infections from pneumonia and COVID, which have been treated.

Rachel says they have been flipping him back and forth on his stomach to move his fluids around.

“They are hoping today, that hopefully will be the last time they put him on his stomach,” Rachel said. “As long as his blood glasses look good, they are going to try a 48 hour trial of him just being on his back.”

She says he is making slow progress and although he is in a coma she tells him she loves him and updates him on their children.

“Yesterday and maybe the day before when you would say his name, you can see his eyes underneath his eyelids flutter and his nose would flare,” Rachel said.

She has been with the Meridian Fire Department for eight years and Walker has been for the past 16 years.

Rachel is not giving up, and neither is the community of support they have behind them.

“He’s got a very long road to recovery unfortunately being in this situation.”

The family has started a GoFund me page to help with medical expenses and the fire department will host a brisket dinner and auction fundraiser the last weekend of January.

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