El Paso, TX (KTSM) — Local residents in El Paso are sharing their concern after seeing migrants in their neighborhoods.

With the recent increase in migrants attempting to cross, road signs saying, “watch out for unexpected pedestrians” have been put up along the border highway to prevent drivers from hitting migrants. However, these road signs meant to warn drivers have also sparked some concern for local residents living near the area.

The concern arose when migrants where seen crossing from the border highway into local neighborhoods in the Lower Valley of El Paso. Some residents have seen migrants either walking or running through their neighborhoods after crossing from the other side. One gentleman provided footage of migrants that had crossed and entered onto his property at night after crossing from the border highway.

“Honestly it’s happening a couple times a week. There’s never less than three or four people crossing at a time. They have dry clothes in their backpacks, and they swap it out from the wet clothes to the dry clothes so they can blend in a little bit more with the population,” says Jason Garcia, a local resident living in the Lower Valley, whose come across migrants walking onto his property more than once.

Jason contacted the police after seeing the video footage from his home camera. His concern was his family’s safety.

“My concern was with them leaving four backpacks in my trash can, I don’t know what’s in the backpacks, I don’t know if they’re going to come back for the backpacks. I think everybody should be worried about this,” he further explains.

After Jason contacted the police, he said they told him since they work unitedly with Border Patrol that there wasn’t much that they could do other than detain them while they wait for Border Patrol to arrive. However, by that time it was already too late, the migrants had already left.