LOVINGTON, N.M.– The prosecution for the trial of Alexis Avila revealed crime scene pictures of the newborn Avila was accused of throwing into a dumpster as well as testimony from the doctor who cared for “Baby Avila” after he was found.

The jury was told by the prosecution that “Baby Avila” was found in a trash bag that also contained water bottles, makeup wipes and an inhaler prescribed to Avila.

The jury was also told officers found blood in Avila’s bathroom and bedroom as well as blood on the toilet seat and “saturated” pants and underwear.

Baby Avila was taken to the Neonatal Intensive Care Unit at Covenant Hospital in Lubbock. Dr. Kumar, a doctor who cared for the infant testified the baby was on oxygen support for 24 hours, had kidney damage and needed a blood transfusion.

Dr. Kumar also said the issues Baby Avila experienced were possibly because he didn’t come into the world in “not good circumstances.”

Alexis Avila was charged with Attempted Murder and Child Abuse Resulting in Great Bodily Injury.