In Presidio residents came together for a “March of Solidarity” in response to the violent protests following the presidential election.

Organizers said the event was created to show a desire for unity with their Mexican border City of Ojinaga.

Those who attended carried signs and posters showing their neighbors across the border they support them no matter what happens or who is in office.

Presidio Mayor John Ferguson Invited Ojinaga’s City Secretary Hury Munoz to join their mission.

“We’re basically one community with a river running through us.” said Presidio Mayor John Ferguson.

Secretary Munoz and Ojinaga residents met the Presidio group at the Mexico border in Presidio.

Munoz said he attended the event scared of the idea of a wall dividing the two communities that have had a good relationship for hundreds of years.

“With the wall it’s impossible to work together, we need bridges, the people in Presidio, and the people in Ojinaga are like brothers.” said Munoz.

Ferguson says this march was a first of it’s kind since he’s lived in Presidio and the turn out of supporters makes him proud of his West Texas community.

“I think it’s a really good way for Presidio to make a statement about the state of affairs on the border and do it positively.”

He says the strong ties the two cities have with one another will never be severed as long as they work together.

“Really all we can do is to keep taking care of each other here in Presidio and Ojinaga, and if somebody decides that they are going to build a wall I’m sure we’ll protest it, we’ll just do it in a sensible manner.”

Event organizers say they’re very happy with the turn out they had the march, and they hope to have more events like this in the future

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