TEMPLE, Texas (FOX 44) – Golden Girls trivia and a drag show brought a lot of attention to the city of Temple.

Fajita Kings in Temple received a lot of backlash from the community for hosting the event, and it shared on its Facebook page saying the event will continue to go on and that it is just another business day for them.

People were excited to hear the event would still take place and the restaurant reached max capacity.

Meanwhile protesters across the street speaking against the event had a lot to say.

“We’re not here to protest any sort of LGTBQ agenda. What we’re here to do is to protest the sexualization of our children,” said Christina Wilson, a protester.

“Are your children here because mine are not,” someone yelled back.

Jessie Castro, with Temple Pride said, “We’re not here to groom anybody’s children. We’re not here to cause a ruckus in the community. We’re just here to live our lives and be a part of the community.”

Both sides blocked each other out with their megaphones and played loud music.

“Are you excited about continuing to ruin the family unit? Is that your goal?,” yelled one protester.

Concerned members of Bell County protested outside, saying a drag show is not appropriate for young children.

“We don’t believe that anybody under the age of 21 should be subjected to. We don’t think kids should be inside watching grown men with women’s clothes on,” said Wilson.

“Everybody has a right to have their own opinion. But you don’t have to be violent about it. You don’t have to be ridiculous about it. You’re entitled to your opinion, just like we’re entitled to,” Castro concluded.