PRESIDIO COUNTY, Texas (Nexstar)- The Presidio County Sheriff’s Office is asking for help from the community to locate a wanted man. Tobias Penner Peters, of Seminole, is wanted for his involvement in a human smuggling attempt last month. 

On December 30, the Sheriff’s Office, as well as Presidio Police, U.S. Border Patrol, the Texas Department of Transportation, the Fire Department and Emergency Services responded to a small plane crash just north of the Presidio International Airport. At the scene, deputies found injured passengers who were part of a “smuggling attempt gone wrong”. 

Investigators say Peters was piloting a small plane full of undocumented migrants trying to enter the country illegally. According to a Facebook post, Peters was carrying five other people in the four-passenger plane and the excessive weight of the extra people, coupled with low fuel, contributed to the crash. 

According to the Sheriff’s Office, following the crash, a possibly injured Peters left the scene. The smuggled passengers with injuries were taken to a hospital in El Paso for treatment, the others were turned over to border agents for processing.

Peters is now wanted on multiple charges including human smuggling, evading arrest, and deadly conduct. According to a release, Peters has blue eyes and red hair, is 6’2″ tall and weighs about 185 pounds. Investigators believe Peters sustained a head injury in the crash and possibly even lost an eye. He is known to travel back and forth between Seminole, Texas and Ojinaga, Mexico. Anyone with information on where Peters can be found is asked to call 432-792-4848 or 432-729-4911.