MONTAGUE (KFDX/KJTL) — The suspended Clay County Sheriff, who has been the source of several controversies during his first term, will soon be heading to the Hardeman County Jail.

Jeff Lyde, who took office as the Sheriff of Clay County in 2021, was sentenced to 30 days behind bars on October 10, 2023, in the 97th Judicial District Court at the Montague County Courthouse.

Lyde will also be required to surrender his peace officer license, meaning he will not be able to hold the office of Sheriff, rendering the pending petition for his removal moot.

According to special prosecutor Staley Heatly, who represented the State in Lyde’s case, he agreed to permanently surrender his peace officer license, making it impossible for him to ever serve in law enforcement in Texas again.

As a part of a deal between counsel for the prosecution and the defense, Lyde waived his right to appeal the verdict and sentence, and the prosecution agreed to dismiss the remaining criminal charges of official oppression and tampering with evidence pending against him.

Casey Hall, 97th Judicial District Attorney, said she’s happy that there’s now some form of closure.

“I’m very pleased. I think it was the right thing,” Hall said. “The most important thing to me is that the victims were in approval of the deal. They all are comfortable with it, felt good about it, and I think justice was done here today. I’m very happy about it.”

Lyde’s sentence followed a scheduled hearing that was expected to get underway at 9 a.m., but it was delayed for nearly two hours while counsel for the State and the defense were attempting to negotiate terms of an agreement.

In September, a jury found Lyde guilty of official oppression and tampering with evidence in connection to the unlawful detention of Landon Goad in the Clay County Jail.

Presiding Judge Lee Gabriel ordered the trial’s location be changed from Clay County to Montague County after both parties mutually agreed upon a motion.

With the surrender of his peace officer license, Lyde’s tenure as Clay County Sheriff ends surrounded in controversy before his first term was set to expire.

Lyde’s sentence will begin on November 27, 2023, at which time Lyde will turn himself into the Hardeman County Sheriff’s office.