Editor’s Note: This article contains graphic material. Discretion is advised.

SHELBY COUNTY, Texas (KETK) – A Joaquin man who was arrested last week in a homicide investigation reportedly told his mother he “sacrificed” her, according to a warrant.

Ethan Myers, 26, was arrested after deputies responded to the scene at the County Road 3635 residence in Joaquin for a welfare check after Allen Price and Teresa Louviere, who have since been arrested in connection the case, had come into the sheriff’s office and said Myers “had done something to Sarah Hopson.”

According to the warrant, deputies reported a deceased person at the residence who was found to be Hopson. Price and Louviere said they had not seen Hopson since the day before and were concerned for her safety after finding blood on Myers.

While deputies were investigating the scene, the warrant said Myer’s mother came to the sheriff’s office and said Myers told her he was hiding in the woods and did not want to go back to jail.

Myer’s mother allegedly told an investigator Myers said Hopson wanted him to sacrifice her and he did. She did not know who Hopson was and, according to the warrant, also said he “hears voices and is satanic.”

Investigators at the scene reported to have found the body wrapped up in a carpet in the middle of a bedroom. The warrant said the door of the bedroom appeared freshly painted and the room smelled like paint.

“Several tools such as a razor knife and several wrenches on a chest of drawers” were found in the room with cans of paint, paint brushes and Dollar General bag full of cleaning supplies.

Investigators reported the body had the toes, fingers and ears cut off which were found in a freezer bag placed on the body. Two large wounds were also found on the body’s head which investigators said matched a rock found in Myers’ car.

Also found in Myers’ car, according to the warrant, were a shovel, a gallon of gasoline, “several” Dollar General plastic bags, a hammer, a tire tool and a large rock in a trash bag that was noted to have smelled like gasoline.

Investigators then sprayed Blue Star forensic solution throughout the home so areas where blood was detected would glow. The warrant said “large portions of the bedroom glowed” and showed handprints beneath the freshly painted door.

After searching Myers’ car, the warrant said one of the two people who reported the incident told investigators Myers “had been participating in cult activity.” Myers was arrested for murder and evading arrest.