TEXAS (FOX 44) — The State Public Health Committee began hearings on House Bill 1805, an expansion bill of the state’s Compassionate Use Program for the use of medical marijuana.

The Bill filed by North Texas Republican Stephanie Klick, could allow thousands of Texans access to stronger cannabis treatments.

Some with THC levels as high as 5%.

But with stronger products on the market, comes an array of safety concerns.

David Urbanowicz with Metrc, shared with FOX 44 News some of the tools and regulations in place to ensure the consumer market for buying is safe.

“What we’re talking about with the medical program is Delta-9, and that is all very heavily regulated. Typically, states will require third party tests. It has to pass those tests in order to wait for it to reach the the consumer. So again, that is much, much safer, much more well regulated typically,” said Metrc Vice President of External Affairs.

In 2018, the Federal Farm Bill legalized hemp under certain THC restrictions, like Delta-8 and CBD.

Now with the potential passing of House Bill 1805, patients in need of safe guarded FDA approved products like Delta-9 would become more accessible to those with prescriptions.

Ultimately preventing consumers in need of medical marijuana from using widely available unsafe products.

“These Delta-8 products you can purchase anywhere. There’s no safeguards in place. People are getting sick from them. Again there’s just, there’s safety risks there right? You just don’t know what’s going in there. And it’s it’s the wild west. It’s completely unregulated,” shared Urbanowicz.

Leaders in Texas are collaborating with companies like Metrc to ensure regulations for marijuana products are safe. Negating from the risks of buying products that aren’t safe guarded.