LUBBOCK, Texas — It’s National Diabetes Awareness Month and a study from WalletHub found that Texas was No. 12 on a list of most overweight and obese states. One Texas city also topped the list as the most obese city in the U.S.

The study factors such as average share of obese and overweight population to diet-habits among U.S. citizens.

Lubbock’s population was recorded in 2021 as 260,993 by the United States Census Bureau. According to U.S. News & World Report in June 2022, the percentage of obese people in Lubbock County was 36.3.

The percentage with diabetes was reported as 12.8.

McAllen, Texas was the most obese city in the U.S., according to data gathered by WalletHub, highlighting that the city had the poorest dietary and fitness habits.

The most popular comfort food among Texans was brisket, Wallethub reported. The slab of beef, usually smoked, contains a whopping 730 calories per serving.

In Texas as a whole, here’s how some demographics ranked in when it comes to overweight/obesity ranks:

  • Ages 2-4 – #9
  • Ages 10-17 – #10
  • Adults – #13

The main culprit of adverse health outcomes such as type 2 diabetes and obesity according to the CDC? Sugary-sweetened beverages like soda.

In a CDC research brief from April 2021, combined data showed that 62.5 percent of 4,227 survey respondents 18 or older in Texas, said they consumed a sugar-sweetened beverage once daily or more.