EL PASO, Texas (KTSM) — The Battle of I-10 between UTEP and NMSU takes a detour to Mesa Street with a battle of the billboards.

It all started when NMSU put up a billboard near the UTEP campus in El Paso on Mesa that reads: “You’d look better in Crimson” and shows a young woman with an NMSU shirt on, with crimson being the NMSU school color.

UTEP clapped back with its own billboard, right on the back of the NMSU advertisement.

UTEP’s billboard says, “Pick your future, not a color,” and it’s depicting what appears to be the same woman from the NMSU billboard flashing a UTEP Miner pickaxe behind her back.

It’s all friendly rivalry between these two Borderland universities which see student enrollment from both Las Cruces and El Paso and not to mention some genius marketing strategies from both schools.