BELTON, Texas (FOX 44) – Earlier Thursday afternoon, multiple fire agencies responded to a brush fire in the Belton area, Dog Ridge Fire. A fire that filled highway 190 with dark smoke.

“Today we learned that there was one residential structure inside the main area where the fire was that was destroyed. As far as that, there were no other structures that were lost outside of outbuildings, sheds and little barns outside,” says Chris Mahlstedt, Bell County Fire Marshal.

This year Central Texas has experienced multiple grass-fires. But why?

“We we haven’t seen drought conditions this bad in many years. 2011 was the last time that we experienced severe drought conditions. So again, we just ask that people to be extremely cautious,” says Mahlstedt.

Most of Central Texas is currently under a burn ban and with the dry conditions, Bell County Fire Marshal Chris Mahlstedt is urging everyone to follow those orders.

“If you’re cooking outside or if you’re doing any kind of work that produces heat or sparks, [make sure[ that you have a water source with you nearby in case those sparks do end up causing the fire,” says Mahlstedt,

Mahlstedt also wants to remind everyone to do their part and follow the water restrictions, seeing that resources are limited.

“We’re still facing upper ninety’s low 100 degrees every day. There’s no forecasted rain in the near future. That’s what’s going to be the key for all this is we have to have some rain,” says Mahlstedt.