LUBBOCK, Texas – Thursday, the Planning and Zoning Commission met and decided to table a proposal that would demolish several structures in the 2600 block of 19th in order to build a student housing apartment complex and parking garage.

The land, which is directly across Texas Tech University 19th was recently purchased by Lubbock resident George Hardberger. He’s partnered up with Up Campus Properties out of Chicago.

“I think this is the best thing for Lubbock, and it’s a tremendous economic driver and beautiful product,” Hardberger explained.

If the proposal follows through, the Godbold Cultural Center which ties in with the popular J-Café and the Lutheran Student Center would be demolished to make room for an apartment complex with just over 700 beds.

Many residents in Tech Terrace showed up to the meeting and were in opposition of the proposal. Some of the main reasons for opposing the decision were traffic concerns as Tech Terrace is what they say a fragile residential area. They expressed concerns with what extra traffic and cars this could bring to the already congested space.

One resident who also is a Texas Tech University faculty member said, “Tech Terrace is a gem in Lubbock, and it is at risk.”

Residents also believed there should be more use out of the Goldbold Center, saying it could be renovated and used for something else.

On the other side, investors, and other citizens in favor of the proposal said this is the perfect way to utilize the space and is a smart way to take on Texas Tech’s consistent growth.

Ultimately, the commission decided that a project of this magnitude must be discussed further, and more conversations should be had with Tech Terrace residents who also claimed they had little knowledge of the project to begin with.

The next meeting will be October 6. We’ll continue to follow this as it develops.