LUBBOCK, Texas – It has been a little over a month since Lubbock’s Planning and Zoning committee met to discuss a proposed student housing complex to be built in the Tech Terrace neighborhood- and the proposal has run into a roadblock.

Tech Terrace residents have expressed major concerns with the new proposal for months, including traffic headaches and congestion.  

The proposal would demolish the Godbold Center and Lutheran Student Center to build a four-story apartment complex. It would have more than 700 units. Those in favor believe the development would support Texas Tech’s fast-growing population. However, those who live in Tech Terrace feel otherwise.

Mark McBrayer, District 3 Councilman and Tech Terrace resident for over 55 years said, “750 students put into that one block area, and all their cars, all the traffic; I just don’t think that would work well on that particular piece of property.”

Due to this opinion along with many others, the committee voted not to recommend the proposal on Thursday, November 3.

According to the Planning and Zoning Commission, it was supposed to go before City Council on Wednesday, November 16 but the landowner withdrew his case. It’s unknown when that discussion will get brought up again.

Tech Terrace resident Sheryl Gonzales said they aren’t sure what he may have in mind, but residents are hopeful it’s something they can all get behind.

“If it’s retail or, you know, a boutique, hotel, just something that would make it a little smaller footprint, so the traffic would be a lot safer than what the original plan was,” she explained.

Gonzales added that she and the other residents want to set a precedent for the rest of Lubbock and that if or when other neighborhoods have something like this come up for them, that they would be able to use their voice.

To stay up to date on this issue, visit the Tech Terrace UNIT website for all the latest.