LUBBOOCK, Texas — It was a busy day at the American Windmill Museum where hundreds of students participated in Texas Tech Health Science Disaster Day.

The Disaster Day is a student lead program giving interprofessional students hands on training on how to experience real life emergency situations.

Students were broken into teams to practice the basics of triage assessment, CPR and moving patients to the Ambus who were affected by a tornado.

Interprofessional Education Director Renee Bogschutz said this day is impactful for all who attend.

“Well in West Texas a natural disaster unfortunately is not if, but when,” Bogschutz said. “So, when students and healthcare professionals are called to respond we want them to already have that knowledge and skills of how to work together on a team for those rescue and recovery efforts.”

Students from the Texas Tech Health and Science Center ranged from Nursing, Occupational Therapy and Athletic Trainers.

“The one thing that goes along is that communication is very important and just the different sections of it teaches you more skills than a regular classroom setting would,” student Schola Gomes said. “Especially learning from different professions as well.”

Students rotated from different simulations working closely with healthcare professionals who educated them of their responsibility in each scenario.

“After our mass disaster simulation students have grown in their teamwork, they tell us. I’ve learned so much not only about first aid and CPR but how to work together,” Bogschutz said.

“I would just like to thank the HSC, I think this is such a unique experience,” student Abigail Rickli said.