LUBBOCK, Texas– On Monday, obtained a police report from an incident that was reported on October 29. A police report said someone stole the down payment for a car and falsified a driver’s license late last month.

On October 29, the victim went to the Lubbock Police Department to make the report after he said a suspect stole $1,000 from him as a down payment for a vehicle.

On October 24, the victim began communicating with the suspect, who was not named in the report, on Facebook. The suspect was selling a Honda, the report said.

The suspect went to the victim’s home in the 5200 block of Marshall Street so they could both agree on the price of the Honda, the report said. The suspect provided the victim with documents on the vehicle and sent him a picture of the vehicle’s title.

The victim then gave the suspect a $1,000 cash down payment, and the suspect said he would bring the Honda once he gathered the documentation for the vehicle.

But after that, the victim was not able to contact the suspect, the report said.

According to the report, the victim brought documentation provided by the suspect. However, when the officer ran a search for the New Mexico driver’s license number, it was “fictitious” and did not belong to the suspect.

As of Monday, the police did not have an update.