LUBBOCK, Texas — Bubba’s 33, 6210 Slide Road, reserved a table with 13 beers in honor of the 13 service members who lost their life August 26 at the Kabul airport in Afghanistan.

Locals in the community performed acts of kindness to show their love and support for veterans and active service members since that attack on the airport.

“We lowered our flags to half-mast, and I decided to go ahead and set a table aside for them in remembrance of them and to show how we really care about our troops.” Marco Vasquez, the managing partner at Bubba’s 33, said.

Vasquez said there was no other way he would have liked to pay his respects.

“What better way to celebrate their lives and to go ahead and sacrifice a little something ourselves that way we can honor them,” Vasquez said.

The significance of the 13 beers on the reserved table showed others the respect they have for those who risk their lives for us.

“It makes me really happy to see this community outreach and to see people really appreciating it.” Riley Zimmerman, U.S. Army ROTC student at Texas Tech University, said.

As our service members do so much to protect our country, Vasquez said it doesn’t take much to pay your respects and is a sad thing.

“It makes you feel sad, and it makes me feel proud and honored to respect those members who will not be returning,” Vasquez said. “We pray for them and their families and for everybody that is still over there (Afghanistan) and trying to come home.”

As many know, 13 fallen services members are not coming home.

“It was just a great idea and a great way to honor them,” Vasquez said.