This September marks a big birthday for the Lynn County courthouse in Tahoka.

“The courthouse will be 100 years old in September, if I’m not mistaken,” said Mike Braddock, Lynn County Judge.

That makes the building only 40 years younger than the city itself.

The developers spared no expense; for example, the the walls are lined with marble.

Braddock said, “It is a historic landmark for the county. We do a lot of tours. there are a lot of people from all over the United States that come through and stop and tour the courthouse.”

A long time ago, a sheriff was leading a prisoner down the hall, pulled a gun and shot the prisoner.  The prisoner died, and Broddock said there is still a stain on the marble wall.   Some believe the building is actually haunted.

Not to mention, the building was also once home to the county morgue.

The building’s rich history and unique architecture has county officials working hard to bring the building back to it’s original glory.

Braddock said, “We started that restoration back, quite a few years ago, and started applying for that, and we never had got it, up until last year, we got a partial grant,” said Braddock.

But, this year Braddock said he is optimistic for a full grant covering $6-million of the project’s $10 million price tag.

As for the rest of the money, Braddock said, “We’ll have to come up with the other money some way or another if at all possible.”

And even if the restorations aren’t complete by the building’s birthday, Braddock said the city will still hold a celebration.

Braddock said that celebration is scheduled for August 27.