LUBBOCK, Texas – Local firearm experts believe it’s important for all ages, including children, to become familiar with gun safety. 

“If you own a firearm, it’s not an option, you have to teach your kids gun safety,” explained Izzy Musquiz who’s the general manager of Sharp Shooters Safe & Gun. He started teaching gun safety to his son, who is now eleven, when he started to walk. 

He added, “I don’t think there’s any appropriate age because every kid is different. Some kids develop faster than others.”

Ray Dunn with On the Mark Enhanced Tactical Training said he has always believed in teaching kids how to shoot. “A gun in the wrong hands is probably going to hurt somebody or kill somebody. So it’s important to learn to respect guns,” he added. 

He said it’s easier to train kids in a sense, because they try to do exactly as he says and they listen well. 

For children, it’s extremely important to teach them the difference between toy guns and real ones. Musquiz said it’s just as important to teach them to not be afraid of guns. When fear is involved, a child is more likely to hurt themselves or someone else.