LUBBOCK, Texas – Texas Tech fans everywhere took over Twitter this week with cactus emojis while using the #Wreckem after TCU Football coach expressed his thoughts on TTU signing the Matadors Club NIL Deal.

Red Raiders showed support on Twitter in the form of a cactus emoji that started after TCU Recruiting Coordinator Bryan Carrington went on a five-tweet spree voicing his dislike towards the new NIL deal with Texas Tech football. 

Carrington wrote on Twitter, “The reality is that that extra 2k it’s gonna be a concrete ceiling for most players in scarce markets that are oversaturated with 85 scholarship players attempting to ‘build their brand’ in a desert…” 

Fans, athletes, alumni and businesses all took to Twitter in response and at one point Tech was the 6th trending topic on Twitter.

“Coach McGuire texted us he was like ‘Twitter’s about to blow up. Y’all give us a shout out with a cactus,’ and so we all did and so it’s been really cool to see all the Tech fans, alumni, just support us,” said Behren Morton, quarterback for the Texas Tech Football team. 

“Next thing, you know, we’re trending on Twitter and I think it’s a lot of great things. It shows prospective students, ‘Hey what’s great about Texas Tech.’ And I think again, there’s a lot of pride amongst Tech fans. I think you saw that come out with that exchange with what happened the entire day,” said Robert Giovannetti, Senior Associate Athletic Director for Texas Tech. 

The support is getting players and fans excited for the upcoming football season.

“We feel like the fans have our backs and they got us no matter how we do, and they know that we’re gonna play hard. And so, it’s exciting to see what we’re going to do this year,” said Drew Hocutt, wide receiver, Texas Tech Football. 

There has been no doubt that Red Raider fans know how to show up to support their teams.

” Tech doesn’t lose a Twitter war.” Jud Hardage, Texas Tech University Alum, said.

The double T clapped back.

“There’s also a valuable lesson. Don’t mess with Tech fans on social media because they’ll come out on top,” said Giovannetti.

One of the players who will be getting this deal said he is forever thankful for the opportunity that has come this way.

“I’m expecting the fans to be hyped just as high as this because you know it’s a lot that’s happening right now and it’s a great time to be a red raider.” Myles Price, Jr. Wide Reciever for Texas Tech Univeristy Football, said.