Technology Tuesday August 1, 2017

Technology Tuesday

New App Warning

A popular new app could be a dangerous breeding ground for bullying. The app is called Sarahah, which is the Arabic word for candor.

It allows people to post and receive feedback anonymously. And was intended to allow people to give reviews of their workplace.

But since the postings are anonymous there are lots of reports of mean people using this to bully others. There are 15 million people using Sarahah and beating out Instagram, Youtube, and Snapchat in downloads in the free app store.

Social Pets

More pets are making their way to social media. There might be another reason other than their cuteness factor.

Some people are bringing in thousands of dollars for each post of their pet. They are called pet influencers, animals with big social media followings that partners with brands to promote products.

Loni Edwards, Foudner of The Dog Agency, says “they tend to resonate better with consumers, they reach everyone whether you’re a teenager or a grandparent and pets unlike human influencers they’re never going to say the wrong thing.”

Edwards is one of many pet owners leaving careers to manage their pet influencers. Edwards says all kinds of brands, from makeup to vacuum cleaners, are now seeing the value in animals with a large social media presence and reaching out to their owners.

“There’s producing content and then coming up with the captions but then there’s a lot of administration we get inundated with request from followers and businesses so it takes up time to make sure you’re managing the accounts well,” Courtney Dasher, Tunameltsmyheart, Inc. said.

Courtney Dasher, an interior designer by trade, now manages the social accounts for Tuna, her 7 year-old chiweenie full time.

Now how much are these pets making? Well, animals with followings in the thousands can bring in anywhere from two to five thousand per sponsored post. Pets with followings in the millions like Tuna bring in 10 to 15 thousand per sponsored post.

Some of your top dogs, like Jiff, the most followed canine on Instagram with 6.1 million and Boo the Pomeranian, the most liked dog on Facebook with 17 million can also make money off merchandise lines, books commercials and personal appearances netting six figures in just a year.

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