Technology Tuesday August 6, 2019

Technology Tuesday

Security Awareness

Security breaches are occurring at a higher rate. But what is the information that the scammers are trying to get and just how do they get it?

We spoke with BlueLayer IT COO, Michael Strong, about how you and your employees can become an human firewall to protect your business and investment from having a breach.

Credit card and Social Security numbers are normally what scammers tend to get but Strong says it all starts with gathering information like, phone numbers, address, but they are starting to get favorite colors, your pets name and even the answers to your security questions all to get you to click on the links.

With everything being online we use email more and more to communicate with employers or clients. There are a few things that you can do to filter out the phishing emails from your normal ones.

“Try dissecting the email looking for typos, any misspellings, {asking} is the logo of the brand actually the correct logo?” Strong said this is a way that you can prevent from getting hacked.

Current events is another way many hackers are getting you to click the link. Getting the emotion out of what’s happening around the world is what is getting many in trouble with breaches.

BlueLayers IT helps raise the bar with continuing education programs.

“We test our clients and employees. Where if they fall for our tricks, the good news is that we get to tell you that you made a mistake and that your computer is not infected.”

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