Technology Tuesday August 7, 2018

Technology Tuesday

Fortnite Coach

More than 125 million people across the world are playing the online game “Fortnite.” Usually, parents are trying to get their kids to put down the controller, but some parents are trying to help their kids win by hiring Fortnite tutors.

Big wins on Fortnite equal big bragging rights among friends. The Rakovich brothers can’t get enough of the online game, but they are desperate to get better. So, their dad, Paul, has enlisted the help of a virtual tutor.

Using Skype to get tutoring is costing Paul upwards of $25 an hour to help all three of them improve their kill records.

I think our time is super limited, especially with work. I saw the kids were super into it, and I thought I could check this out,” Paul Rakovich said.

Their California-based coach Kris Nara says he has more than 30 clients, and the list is growing.

I just want to help people achieve their dreams. I see coaching as being that person that’s always there for them,” Nara said.

Some may wonder if this is another example of parents going over the top to make their kids winners. However, Paul says it is about bonding with his sons.

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