Technology Tuesday July 9, 2019

Technology Tuesday

Security Cameras:

We have all seen the surveillance videos of thieves in action. Police say those surveillance videos are a vital part of helping them catch criminals.

Security cameras have become an integrative network from a businesses perspective. They use computer cables access the network or use the same Wi-Fi connection.

We spoke with Michael Strong from Blue Layer IT who says, “today security cameras and that type of security is everything as an IT department problem.”

Today’s security systems are no longer big and boxy. They are smaller and will fit in many places and since the network connection is wireless, the only cable would be for the power source.

“The newer cameras are doing things like analytic, heat mapping of where your customer is standing in your place of business or in your retail store. And things like automatic upgrades, encryption, notifications if they’re offline. its far more advance then it use to be,” Strong adds.

Many come with replacement warranties and if a camera fails, you can get it replaced at no additional cost.

In the state of Texas, installers need to have security licenses and that’s something you want to check before you let them install your security system.

“We are licensed to do your camera installations and maintenance on existing cameras as well.”

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