Technology Tuesday June 19, 2018

Technology Tuesday

BusyKid App

Today’s high tech world is changing the way parents do business. There are allowance apps that help parent teach their children how to be financially responsible while earning money.

“We have tried every chore chart there is known to man,” mother Dawn McCord said.

Parents are ditching the chore chart and going digital by downloading the BusyKid app. Even when kids stick to their chores many parents don’t carry cash.

McCord says if her son cleans his bedroom he punches it in on the app.

Parents get to choose the chores and set their price. Kids check off their chores when they’re done.

“They just pass it around and each one of them logs in and tallys up what they did for the day,” McCord says.

BusyKid app creator Greg Murset is a father of six.

“I did it because I want my kids to get the skills so that they’ll get out of my house and never come back except to visit once and a while right, I want them to be successful,” Murset says.

Other apps on the market like, Roostermone, Penny Owl and Fam Zoo, promise to help kids manage and save money. The BusyKid app also help kids invest their earnings. Most of these chore apps have a fee. BusyKid has a year-long subscription of $14.99 for the whole family to use.

The McCord kids have invested in Lambourghini, Netflix and Amazon.

Dawn McCord hopes that it’ll teach them a relationship between hard work and money.

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