Technology Tuesday November 5, 2019

Technology Tuesday

These days, if you want to have a business, you have to have a website. But there’s word that hackers have gotten to some big domain name providers.

There is and companies they own, Network Solutions and We spoke to our expert Michael Strong, COO, BlueLayer IT, about what service these companies provide.

“Domain registrar is where a businesses go to purchase their dot com website address so for example,, you get that from a registrar,” Strong explains.

“Now today, registrar offer plenty of other services like web hosting, email services its well beyond getting the dot com for your website.”

This breach means a lot of basic personal information. Network Solutions is the number five registrar in the world. That means they manage around 6.8 million domain names.

“When you’re talking about that amount of information and personally identifiable information — the problem is here we are, we could probably do this show everyday about network, data breaches and your information being leaked and exposed,” Strong says.

This will affect many customers a lot, what about as far as the businesses themselves? If you’re a tech company that let this happen, will this put your reputation in trouble?

“This thing is such a common place now, where business raise their hand and say ‘you know, we’ve had information exposed. Here’s the best practices on how to protect yourself and we’re going to do better ourselves and we’ve hired a reputable company to help us figure out what happened.’ But at the end of the day, your information is now out there from yet another source.”

Hackers know that many people use the same password for emails, banking, computer log-in, etc. They will try to look through your social media to get your personal information.

“You got challenge questions about what is your mothers maiden name and I’ve always encouraged people to lie on those challenge questions because its information that can be mined about you through social media and through these leaks.”

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