Technology Tuesday October 15, 2019

Technology Tuesday

New bills that passed this past legislature session that speak to the need for cyber security and security awareness training.

Michael Strong, COO of BlueLayer IT, says the training is for different industries, like school districts, utilities and municipalities.

“They all have to raise the bar and impalement this type of security training on an ongoing basis,” Strong adds.

This has been said before and its one thing that BlueLayer IT strongly supports, being better human firewalls, that means being alert of the emails that could corrupt your work system.

“We say it all the time, be a better human firewall. So to me that means that, you know, be suspicious of the emails you get. Question the things that your going to click on. Security awareness training is all about that testing proving that you’ve done training demonstrating that the training has been completed.”

The training will more of a specific type tailored to each department. So none of the ‘boring mandatory training’ for everyone. But the general across the board training will be about the best practices, certifying that you’ve been trained and then testing employees on the training as an ongoing basis.

“From our perspective, depending on what department you might be in at your place of work we would tailor a certain sort of testing and training towards your role. If your in accounting we might send you information on wire-transfers and CEO fraud.”

BlueLayer IT has been doing these types of practices for their clients already and while they don’t have to be trained it’s one thing they will go through.

“We partner with one of the industry leaders in that space and we impalement their solutions for our clients on an ongoing basis. And its their solutions and services that are trusted by all these agencies.”

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