Technology Tuesday September 24, 2019

Technology Tuesday

Windows 7

We’ve advised you before and we are doing it again, Windows 7 is slowing coming to it’s end-of-life. The best time to upgrade to Windows 10 is now, but if you or your business choose not to, your computer won’t melt down.

Michael Strong, COO of BlueLayer IT, says that the problem will be that you’re not going to have security updates, you’re not going to have feature updates.

“The worst vulnerability of all time is going to come out in February.”

The vulnerability to security risks and viruses are the concerns if you plan to stick with Windows 7.

“We can’t reach out to Microsoft and get support and get updates for those out-dated operating systems. They really have reached the end of their useful life so its time to upgrade,” said Strong.

Over the past year Windows 7 has gained users. Strong indicated this is because some industries are really behind the curve.

He explains: “A lot of applications, specially in health care and in financial services that really aren’t certified to function optimally in Windows 10.”

Strong suggest to upgrade your computer operating system just like you would upgrade your cellphone.

“Security is everything.”

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