LUBBOCK, Texas — The City of Lubbock announced in a press release the Garden and Arts Center will remain closed until Monday, October 3 following a fire on Monday night.

The press release also said the fire started just before 7:00 p.m. and Lubbock Fire Rescue responded to the community center in Clapp Park and extinguished the flames. The building remains intact with most of the damage isolated to charred beams, bricks, and bushes on the south side.

Jacqueline Bober, Lubbock’s Director of Municipal Museums, told a cleaning crew was inside when the fire broke out, but nobody was injured.

She says the community was worried but remains hopeful that the center will be back to normal soon.

“From those that we’ve heard from they are distressed and saddened that this would have occurred to a most beloved facility and city structure,” Bober said. “This place has been here since 1959. It is the site of weddings and graduation gatherings and wonderful art exhibitions and classes for citizens of all ages.”

The center rescheduled all classes and group events as they assess the damage The building is scheduled to return to normal hours in early December just in time to host the annual National Arts Program Exhibition.

“It’s a little temporary setback, but yes, it will be back,” Bober said.

The building will be closed to both staff and visitors, but community members can reach staff at the Buddy Holly Center by calling (806) 775-3561.

LFR told the Fire Marshall’s office investigation is ongoing and there are no new updates.