Texas customer openly-carrying gun denied service at Whataburger


BIG SPRING, Texas — This week, Yourbasin.com reported that a social media post raised some controversy concerning the Whataburger location in Big Spring.

Jason Kennemur, who is licensed to carry a firearm in Texas, was denied service recently when he walked into the store with an openly-carried gun.

“I don’t generally patronize places that don’t allow concealed carry. I don’t mind if they don’t allow open carry – that’s their right – that’s everybody’s right. That’s just fine. I don’t have to eat there,” said Kennemur.

He later took to social media where he received an outpour of support, as well as backlash.

In 2015, Whataburger’s President and CEO, Preston Atkinson, stated the franchise prohibits open-carry of firearms in order to create a comfortable family environment.

However, Kennemur also claims Big Spring’s location failed to hang signs indicating their gun rules.

“The whole issue with me is they’re not posted,” said Kennemur. “A simple 30.07 posting on the door would let people know hey we don’t allow open carry.”

When Kennemur says 30.07, that’s a reference to state law. Businesses can forbid open carry, concealed carry or both. But the businesses are supposed to post a notice on the entrance.

Yourbasin.com also spoke with other customers for their reaction.

“I would say it’s a little bit of infringement on his Second Amendment rights,” stated resident, Voncille Cox. “But it also has to do with customer service.”

“My opinion is, you know, someone is there if something happens. [If] someone walks in and starts shooting, there’s someone in there who can help protect you,’ said Cox.

“I don’t believe in guns at all whatsoever, ever. So, I don’t even care if it’s a right in my opinion,” said resident, Daniel Bedford.

And for Texas resident, Jim Simmons, he believes everyone has the right to bear arms.

However, Simmons also said, “If Whataburger has a rule that you can’t bring it inside, then leave it in your truck or in your car outside.”

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