Agriculture, oil and gas, and national security: District 11 Congressman-Elect, August Pfluger, weighs in on a variety of topics and issues pertaining to West Texas

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SAN ANGELO, Texas – Almost one month to the day after being elected as District 11 Congressman, August Pfluger shared his thoughts about some ongoing issues for the area via a Zoom interview.

Senora Scott: Now, the last time we spoke was on Election Day about a month ago and you said you would get right to work. It seems you’ve been busy already.

August Pfluger: We have. This district is as you know geographically covers a large area so making sure our district offices continue to provide the constituent services without interruption that Mike Conaway has been providing the last couple of weeks. We’ve been in D.C., we’ve done an orientation, making sure that on January 3rd there is no interruption and we get right into serving this district and making sure the constituent services are good and we expect on January 3rd to start taking votes immediately so our work has been in preparing for what that might look like.

SS: What are some of those priorities that you want to get done first of all?

AP: Well first and foremost the district offices are up and running. We have six district offices, Midland, Odessa, San Angelo, Granbury, Llano, and Brownwood we intent to keep all of those office open in the same location.

The second priority is, when you hear the rhetoric of a possible Joe Biden administration as it relates to rural America, specifically to the oil and gas industry, we’re looking at legislative ideas to ensure the 2 million jobs in Texas are protected and continue to have energy independence for something that’s so important for District 11 and the Permian Basin has done a great job over the last decade. We are going to fight for them to continue to do that work.

SS: What are some of your colleague’s opinions or thoughts about San Angelo or do they even know about it?

AP: Well the do because I’m telling them about it every change I get. A lot of them don’t know the amount of agriculture that we produce, the don’t know the amount of oil and gas, they need to learn that and that’s my number one job is to educate them. They’re blown away to learn that we train 12,000 intelligence professionals, they’re blown away to know that the Permian Basin produces 40 percent of the country’s oil so these are fun opportunities but they’re really important  to educate my colleges on what we do because it’s critical to our success and it’s critical for the nation’s success.

SS: Do you have any final thoughts or messages you’d like to share?

AP: You know, we’re in a tough time right now. Republican right now are trying to make sure we’re having a fair and transparent election. The credibly of our election system is the gold standard. I’m in the fight and I will continue that fight but I have hope. I have hope for the country and I look at the colleagues I’m going to serve with that come from diverse experiences and have lived the American dream and we want to preserve that.

I’m right there with every single constituent in District 11 and please reach out at any point any time. Know we are going to continue to do everything we can to make sure this country stays the number one country in the world and despite what we might hear from other people, I believe it is the best country in the world and I’m proud to be an American and proud to serve District 11. God Bless everyone and Merry Christmas.

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