LUBBOCK, Texas – The number three is significant around the Hub City because it was Luke Siegel’s favorite number and has served as a representation of his fight.

Luke Siegel suffered a head injury after a golf cart accident in 2015 and passed away in August 2021 after a battle with COVID. The organization, Team Luke Hope For Minds, has worked tirelessly to help families of children with brain injuries through support and education.

Siegel said several players fought hard to earn the Jersey.

“Kobee didn’t want to give that number up. He wanted that number,” said Tim Siegel, Luke’s dad and Executive Director of Team Luke Hope for Minds. 

The number three was so coveted that Texas Tech Football Coach Joey McGuire put pressure on his players reminding them that a jersey with the number three was something they had to earn. 

“Just the fact that these players really wanted to wear that number because of the significance you know, it’s the hardest worker, the toughest player, the biggest fight,” said Siegel.

Sophomore Defensive Back Kobee Minor entered training camp wearing the Jersey and was reminded by Coach McGuire that the Jersey was set to go to the player that represented all the qualities of the brand.

“Coach McGuire was like, ‘If you don’t compete, your number is gonna be gone,'” said Minor. 

After hard work and determination, Minor earned the jersey. 

“I went out there at fall camp, I did what I had to do. I’m pretty sure he noticed, my teammates noticed and I just went out there and competed and earned the number,” said Minor. 

Minor was a player McGuire believed could carry the honor of representing Luke’s fight.  

“I’m gonna carry it pretty well. I feel like I’m the guy for it. So yeah, I’ma honor his name,” said Minor. 

Siegel said he hopes that anyone who watches Minor on and off the field will think of Luke.

“Whenever they see the number three, when they see Kobe walk on the sidelines, it may be that that sparks a memory of Luke or it sparks what we’re doing as an organization.” Siegel said “And now hopefully when you see the number three you’ll think of three words and those words are “Fight Like Luke.”

You can visit Team Luke Hope For Mind’s website here.