LUBBOCK, Texas–With just four weeks left until the Texas Tech Goin’ Band heads to New York City for the Thanksgiving Macy’s Day parade, the countdown is on and the details are still being worked out to get all 550 people to New York.

Blayne Beal, Director of Centennial Celebrations at Texas Tech University said they have been planning for the event since last year. Although it’s been hectic, they’re excited to give students the opportunity, Beal expressed.

“That includes our band, members of our Cheer and POM, Ready to Read, the Masked Rider and some other folks from university that are attending,” Beal said.

With hundreds traveling, Beal said they have multiple charter planes taking the band and spirit groups.

Beal said not only do they have the parade planned, but also a week filled with many exciting activities and events.

“We’re going to take the band to the Radio City Music Hall Christmas Spectacular to allow our students the opportunity to get to experience one of the great holiday traditions in New York City that time of the year,” said Beal.

He said they also plan to hold centennial celebrations in Time Square as well.

“We’re planning to have a big centennial pep rally in Times Square on Wednesday [November 22], and we’re really excited about that,” Beal said.

Erica Irlbeck, an Agriculture communications professor and alumni at the university, said she snagged her tickets and made plans to be in New York as soon as Tech announced the parade appearance last year.

“I was just looking at the calendar today and I’m like, we are just weeks away from this parade,” Irlbeck said. “I’m sitting there, I’m like, I really want to go, I’ve always wanted to go to this parade, and now I have a reason and a deadline, and it’s not going to be one of those, I wish I could go someday like we’re going.”

Irlbeck said it’s an opportunity that’s long overdue for the Goin’ Band to finally shine.

“It makes me so proud for Tech to be able to be in the spotlight like that,” Irlbeck said.

Beal said it’s not too late to get your tickets and plan a trip. He mentioned those who do make the trip will not be disappointed.

The Goin’ Band will leave for New York on November 20 and will appear in the Thanksgiving day parade on November 23. Their final performance in Lubbock will be a tribute to their New York trip and will take place at the final Texas Tech Football game on November 18 against University of Central Florida. Beal encourages fans to come out and support the band to give them a great send-off.