LUBBOCK, Texas – Jaxson Collier, a senior at Texas Tech University and member of Snyder FFA has worked for seven years to prepare his supervised agricultural experience project. His hard work has earned him one of four spots as an American Star in Agricultural Placement finalist.

Although the National FFA Convention is set to be at the beginning of November in Indiana, Collier told on Wednesday his nerves haven’t quite set in yet, but it’s going to feel very real in the next couple of weeks.

Collier’s passion for agriculture was born on his family’s dairy farm, T&K Dairy. The farm was started in 1982 by his grandfather and great-grandfather. At 12 years old, Collier was old enough to do little jobs around the farm for a couple of hours in the morning. Collier was able to work his way up and at 14, he had his own responsibilities on the farm.

Collier said his journey so far has taught him time management. Especially during high school, Collier said he was eager to participate in any sport and organization he could while also balancing his own responsibilities. “Not many high school students grow up on a dairy farm,” he said.

Collier is set to graduate in three years with an agribusiness degree from Texas Tech. While going to school, Collier is also completing his real estate license and getting ready to apply for grad school soon. He hopes to be a land and ranch real estate broker while also dipping into dairy farm sales. Collier said he is passionate about helping people and learning about the business industry.

One piece of advice Collier could give to those in his position is to never be afraid to ask for help. Collier said his success wouldn’t be possible without the help he has received from outside sources, advisors and family.