LUBBOCK, Texas — Texas Tech Football Head Coach Joey McGuire and his wife Debbie McGuire hosted their second annual Women Behind the Brand Football Clinic Wednesday at 5:30 pm.

The event sold out twice; first within 27 hours and then when registration reopened it sold out in 45 minutes.

First Lady Debbie McGuire said they are all about “The Brand’ and this is an opportunity for women to experience it up close and personal.

“We are the toughest, hardest working, most competitive women in West Texas,” McGuire said.

The women in attendance will get an inside look into the football program and learn what it’s like to be a football coach’s wife.

McGuire said the event is back, and bigger than last year.

“I think the word got out that we had so much fun last year, and we did. We have doubled our numbers which is so exciting to us,” McGuire said. “We start this pretty much since the end of last year’s event. Planning on how we can do it better. This year we are not touring the facilities because we are going to have brand new facilities next year.”

The event will include a silent auction, fashion show and on-field drills.

The female Red Raiders will meet Head Coach Joey McGuire, his coaching staff and players.

Coach McGuires Executive Assistant Lesha Weatherford said all the work that goes into this event is worth it.

“Getting an inside look into the football program is just to show you what we are all about,” Weatherford said. “We are a huge family culture here so getting to bring our community into that they are a part of our family as well.”

All proceeds from this year’s event will benefit OneVoiceHome a local nonprofit organization providing a safe haven for survivors of sex trafficking.

Weatherford said an event this big is not possible without the communities’ support and those who helped make it a success.

“I’ve had great support from our coach’s wives, and staff and our football coaches they are just amazing,” Weatherford said.