The cold rainy weather can be harmful to your pets, find out how to protect them


LUBBOCK, Texas – Dogs love the outdoors, running around outside but when the weather gets below freezing with high winds and rain, it can be harmful to them.

“Hypothermia, things like that, that can make animals obviously shut down. The stress of winter weather can cause issues as well,” said Kaylee Smith, Lubbock Animal Shelter Assistant Director.

City ordinance says animals that are left outside must have shelter, water and food and not be tied up. It is also illegal to trap any animals in inclement weather.

“They are able to get their animal back as long as they make certain criteria. We check the space, make sure they have everything available that the animal needs and they are able to get their animal back in most cases,” said Smith.

The fire department advises you not to use portable or heated lamps near animals because they can cause fires..

“You can’t control them. You can’t mount them and you can’t keep away the combustibles from them,” said Gary Vaughn, Lubbock Fire Department Divison Chief.

The animal shelter says blankets are okay to use as long as they don’t get wet, otherwise, use hay or straw to keep animals warm.

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