LUBBOCK, Texas — Jennifer Read, the widow of Chad Read who was shot and killed in November 2021 during a child custody argument, said she is set to testify before a grand jury in Lubbock Wednesday.

A grand jury was expected to decide if charges should be filed against William Kyle Carruth, who was named as the shooter in family court records and lawsuits.

In a social media post on Facebook, Jennifer Read wrote “Kyle just shot my husband for being on his property and was still boasting about it as he stood over Chad with a gun.”

Jennifer Read has publicly called upon police and prosecutors to charge Carruth with murder. Carruth, through a statement from his attorney, claimed the shooting was self-defense.

Jennifer Read also said she hopes Wednesday would be “the first step towards the justice he [Chad] deserves.”

The Texas Attorney General’s Office led the investigation into the Chad Read’s death. Check for updates.