LUBBOCK, Texas — KAMC Meteorologist Jacob Riley has an update on the incoming winter storm. This post will be updated throughout the afternoon, so be sure to check back in for continuous updates.

We are closely tracking our incoming storm system that is expected to bring several inches of snowfall to the entire KAMC viewing area. Currently, there is a Winter Storm Warning in effect for most of our West Texas counties, with a Winter Storm Watch in effect for eastern New Mexico, and our southernmost row of Texas counties(pictured below). This watch will either be upgraded to a Winter Weather Advisory, or a Winter Storm Warning later on this afternoon. Be sure to check back in for updates.

Light snow has been occurring all across the region ono Saturday. This is not the start of our main event. The main event is forecasted to arrive in the South Plains around midnight tonight, going into the early morning hours of Sunday. Light snowfall will begin across northwestern portions of the area between midnight and 3 AM CDT. By sunrise, moderate snowfall will encompass all of the KAMC Viewing area.

As we head into the noon hour, several inches of snow should cover the entire region, with moderate snowfall continuing to fall across the area. By sunset, most of the snowfall will begin to exit the region. A few isolated snow showers will remain over western portions of the area, bringing more minor accumulations to those regions. Our official snowfall forecast is at the end of this article!

The snow will greatly impact travel across the region. Travel will be extremely dangerous, and is highly discouraged. We understand that not everyone has the luxury to stay home during this event, but those people are the ONLY ones that need to be out. This snow will keep travel conditions hazardous all of the way through at least Thursday of next week.

Another potential deadly factor to this storm system is the bitter cold. The Polar Vortex will send a shot of sub-zero temperatures into the region for Monday and Tuesday mornings. Check out these morning low’s for Monday and Tuesday (pictured below).

In addition to the actual air temperatures being this cold, wind chill values will be even worse. A Wind Chill Warning has been issued for most of our West Texas counties, with the exception of the southernmost row. We are expecting wind chill values to range from 15 to 30 degrees below zero on both Monday and Tuesday mornings. For most areas, wind chill values throughout the day will also remain in the negative digits for both days.

Once all is said and done with, a good 4-8 inches of snowfall will fall across the region, with some areas seeing a little more or less. Below is the official KAMC Storm Team snowfall forecast. The city of Lubbock will see around 4-6 inches of snowfall. Southwestern zones will see totals anywhere from 2-6″. Northeastern zones will likely pick up anywhere from 5-10″ before all is said and done with.

Stay inside this weekend. Frostbite could occur in as little as 20-30 minutes! This isn’t the type of snow to make snowmen or snowballs in, as it is too dry. Wind chill values around 20-30 degrees below will make conditions potentially deadly at times. Please take this system seriously. Below are several tips to help you prepare for this storm, and a couple of reminders to help you stay safe!

Stay tuned to the KAMC Storm Team. We’ll keep you advised.

-Meteorologist Jacob Riley.

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